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DREAMERS (donations of $25 - $49)

Stephanie M Cronin     Gary Dudak     Jana Grazer     Nic Harvey     Jonee Shady     

BIG DREAMERS (donations $50 - $249)

Adam Barksdale     Alejandro Velez     Allison Kennedy     Christine Tarallo     Claudia Graf     Kara Chlebek     Maria Elejalde

Margaret Landek    Melissa DeLizia    Michelle Luchese     Natalie Palomino    Nicholas Pohl    Tori Oman        Reid Rosenberg

DREAM SUPPORTERS (donations $250 - $399)

Anonymous    Naomi Killian    Sonja Alarr     Janice Allen Clark

DREAM GIVER (donations $400+ )

Teddy Rovner

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