The Dan Velez Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3, fully compliant and sanctioned by the Internal Revenue Service.  As a 501(c)3 we believe all of our corporation's paperwork should be available to the public.  Feel free to browse any of the links below.

Our Bylaws

Our bylaws were put in place to ensure all of our members and employees understand the rules and regulations of our 501(c)3.  It's important that we stay compliant and only use the funds in the best interest of The Dan Velez Fund.  Check out our bylaws here.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy

In order to ensure that our members do not unfairly benefit from the scholarship, or receive preferential treatment in any way, we've adopted a strict conflict of interest policy. You can check out our COI policy here.

Our IRS 501(c)3 approval letter

We were officially considered a tax exempt organization on January 28th, 2016.  To see our tax exempt letter from the IRS you can click here.