Our 2016 Scholarship Recipients...

Elizabeth Hinkler Scholarship Winner

Elizabeth Hinkler

"The feeling is unfathomable to know that other people have faith in me, welcome me into a nourishing community of collaboration, and believe in my mission of engaging the world through genuine connection, compassion, and creativity.  I am honored to join this group of individuals who care about humanity and want to influence our world for the better.  Dan Velez dared to change the hearts and minds of many.  With this scholarship, I dedicate myself to continuing his dream."


Crystal Rivers

Crystal Rivers

"This scholarship has given me the ultimate gift;  advice and mentor ship from industry colleagues that Dan valued and respected and the opportunity to study and grow as an actor through coaches I normally wouldn't have access to.  I plan to Dream Big for the rest of my life and I am honored to carry on Dan's legacy and continue to pay it forward."

David Chrzanowski

"I will forever be grateful to the staff and scholarship committee of the Dan Velez Scholarship Fund.  This award was instrumental in my development as a recent transplant to Los Angeles.  I'm going to assume that most actor's who are here have big dreams, but big dreams and big bank accounts aren't always mutual exclusive.  This gift allowed me to focus on weekly training in front of the camera, provided me with the tools to submit myself on all platforms, as well as gave me the opportunity to meet industry professionals.  The future has never looked brighter!"